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Fletcher A. Manning: A Life in Service Fletcher A. Manning

Fletcher A. Manning: A Life in Service

Fletcher A. Manning

Published May 25th 2010
ISBN : 9781606964866
325 pages
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 About the Book 

The number of living representatives of The Greatest Generation becomes fewer with each passing year, and with their diminution comes the relegation of their extraordinary experiences to second and third hand recounting - an inherited oral tradition more suitable to mythology than true history. Rarely, one of them creates a memoir of first-hand recollections, framing major events in history with personal perspective and eyewitness urgency. Fletcher Mannings book is such a memoir, tracing the extraordinary events in the first half of the Twentieth Century with a distinctly personal hand while reviewing the historical content of a bygone age with clarity and journalistic conciseness. Fletcher Manning was born in the rural America of the early Twentieth Century. The eldest son of North Carolinian farmers, he was born at the height of the First World War, grew up in The Great Depression, and, as a young man, distinguished himself in the Second World War while forging a new, more urbane kind of life for himself and his family. While serving as an officer in the US Navy, he became the first member of his family ever to earn a liberal arts degree, and upon leaving the Navy after thirty years of service, established himself in a second career as a teacher of history. In everything he undertook he ascended to leadership, always by merit, never by ambition. His life was defined by service - to country, to faith, and to family.