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Birthday Girl Kimber Davis

Birthday Girl

Kimber Davis

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

TV news reporter Angie Hoyt is about to celebrate her 29th birthday. And birthdays have always been big with her. She has lots of lunches and dinners planned with her friends, and plans for it to be a fun time.But Angies estranged boyfriend, photojournalist George Bales, has other plans. He wants Angie to himself this week. So he sets up a story for them, one that takes them out of Austin, following the trail of a famous bank robber who disappeared twenty-five years ago.George hopes the trip will bring him and Angie closer. He also knows how much she loves to be spanked, and he plans on delivering a few during their trip.But what starts out as a plan for them to be together turns into a hot story, that may just lead the pair to a robber, who doesnt want to be found.