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Brittany Nina-Akua Shabazz


Nina-Akua Shabazz

Published April 30th 2012
ISBN : 9781475901009
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ever since her return from school in England, Brittany St. James has done all she can to avoid any unwanted romantic entanglements. A beautiful, accomplished, successful, and wealthy businesswoman from one of Jamaica’s richest families, she has the world at her feet. So why is she so angry? Depending on who is at the receiving end of her temper, she can be seen as simply volatile … or purely wicked. Despite her popularity with the opposite sex, Brittany has vowed to only enjoy companionable relationships with men—earning her the dubious title of “Miss Platonic” by her frustrated friends. There is a sadness deep in her beautiful eyes, but she’s not talking about what could have caused it.New York businessman Benjamin Somerton is seduced by the beauty and potential of Jamaica. Handsome and successful, this playboy is on the island for a series of business meetings. Quite by accident, he over-hears a family squabble between Brittany and her uncle, the patriarch of her family. Now he’s a bit obsessed with Brittany, one of Jamaica’s true jewels. And even though this island girl isn’t interested, he refuses to be stonewalled by her lack of interest. He quickly learns that there is more to Brittany than meets the eye, and if he hopes to win her (and her bodyguards) over, he needs to bring his “A” game.