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Arabian Adventure Anthony Shepherd

Arabian Adventure

Anthony Shepherd

Published 1961
256 pages
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 About the Book 

It is a common cause of complaint, or rather perhaps of lamentation, in these days, that young Englishmen today no longer have the spirit of adventure which animated their forebears. The meretricious attractions of the dance hall or the cinema, we are told, have killed the urge to seek out the waste places of the earth- the thirst for exploration, the idealistic urge to preach the gospel in the uttermost parts of the globe have given way to the timid longing for an unattainable material security - to an interest in pension schemes and terms of service.To those who cry Ichabod in this strain, Captain Shepherds book will bring welcome cheer. For here we find something of the old spirit, the enthusiasm impatiently fuming at the delays which hinder the youthful ambition to get to whatever fighting is going on: the (slightly racy!) humour which can laugh at dangers and discomforts of active service, and that extraordinary quality which for two hundred and fifty years has made young British officers all over the world devote themselves to so many differing races in so many varied countries.