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The Home Team: Hostile Borders Dennis Chalker

The Home Team: Hostile Borders

Dennis Chalker

Published December 18th 2007
ISBN : 9780061559457
368 pages
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 About the Book 

The second instalment of the Home Team series, a combination of Vince Flynn and Richard Marcinko. A select group of former Special Forces operators takes up arms against a Mexican cartel thats moved beyond drugs and diamonds to radioactive isotope smuggling.Ex-Navy SEAL Ted Reaper packed his bags for Arizona, hoping to visit a good friend and catch up on some much-needed relaxation. But there is no rest for the weary when Reaper uncovers ties to a drug smuggling operation with ties to the Mexican military. As Reaper digs deeper, he discovers that his enemies to the south may be plotting to smuggle something even more dangerous than drugs across the border--terrorists armed with a dirty bomb.Reaper tried to do things the right way, the legal way, by alerting the proper government officials and letting them deal with the crisis. But the military problem has a political component no one wants to dirty their hands with, and Reaper is asked if he can take the point in the American response. It wont be easy, it wont be official, it wont even be legal, but if the United States is going to be able to stop a threat south of the border, they are going to need to trust Ted Grim Reaper to recruit some Spec Ops buddies and win another one for the Home Team.