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Rhinocerotic and other coffee break stories William Olson Campbell

Rhinocerotic and other coffee break stories

William Olson Campbell

Published May 14th 2013
Kindle Edition
76 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What happens when a person finds the moral gate left open? Or when someone purposefully opens it? What unanticipated explorers already through the gate might they meet?These thoughtful, high quality stories follow a variety of paths to the shocking and unexpected.In the story Rhinocerotic a man follows his nose over a sensual cliff into an erotic gorge. Change at Crewe, a winner in the Bridport Prize, tells how adulterous lust is switched to a different track. The wife and mother in Night Hawk is surrounded by more intense raptors when she searches for herself in her second half century.On the lighter side of lust, Dog’s Dinner relates a guest’s canine-like capers at a dinner party. In Web of Conspiracy a family forms a new cooperative and finds fun in France.Based on a real event, Past Form presents a fatally obsessive man through the documents that define him in this age. It won a competition with the theme of Identity. Secondaries reveals the awful consequences of leaving the familial moral gate locked.Comments from competition judges include:“Change at Crewe is one of the most concise and chilling examples of the ‘slasher’ genre I’ve read. Unputdownable.” [Alex Lykiard, novelist, poet, Bridport Prize judge.]“A very bold piece of writing. This was an immersive experience for the reader.” [Melanie Gow, editor, on Past Form.]Each of these Coffee Break stories follows a dramatic path across the amoral field to reach surprising horrific destinations.Please note, this book contains adult themes.